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Restoration 2.5.14

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Voici une compilation des sources d'information sur ce sujet :

Véhicules VHC : Ferrari 308 GTB Fibreglass Competition, 1976... ()

According to our information this particular car was one of only 712 fibreglass bodied 308 GTB?s that have been manufactured. When new it was a standard carburator-version destined for the US market. The car was purchased around 2006 by a rally and Ferrari enthusiast who had been looking for a special car to prepare for Historic Rallying. As he wanted a car that would be a front-runner he started a ground-up every-nut-and-bolt restoration and competition preparation with only the best and correct competition-parts. The complete restoration and preparation of this car has been documented with pictures. This car has not been prepared for sprint-races, but for long-distance and rally-events with reliability in mind. After the car had been finished early 2008 the owner entered the car in 2 local rally-events for testing. Since the ground-up restoration the car has done a total of 2 rallies with an additional race-day at a local racing-track, which brings the total mileage at approx. 550 Km?s. With the car are in total 3 sets of wheels; 1 set Stratos wheels 12x15, 1 set BBS style wheels 8x15 with rain-tyres and 1 set Mori wheels 12x15. Of course all original parts that have been replaced during preparation will come with the car. This car has been competing with national racing papers but in order to apply for an international FIA HTP the engine of this car will need conversion to dry-sump. Therefore it is now being offered at a strongly reduced price.

Swimming Hall... ()

In 1903 the Swimming Hall was built in art noveau style. Restoration in 2007. Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany.

Voitures de course sur Circuit : Osella PA4... ()

Osella mod 1976, the car is in perfect restoration process. Please watch the windshield integrated in the body.Very interesting details. Osella PA4 BMW, at Imola 1976, 500km race, 3 Osellas arrived under first 10 cars

MAJ Firmware... ()

Apple vient de poser trois mises à jour liées au firmware des MacTel. La première, Apple Firmware Restoration CD [1.1 - 14.5 Mo - FR] a pour vocation d'installer le firmware d'usine des différents Mac...

restauration de fichiers - Restoration 2.5 : retrouvez vos fichiers effacés par erreur... ()

Ce petit logiciel gratuit est très simple à utiliser et très efficace. Il retrouve des fichiers disparus depuis des années. Dommage que son interface soit en anglais.

PlateSpin Protect 8.1 : de la restoration rapide ()

Novell vient de publier PlateSpin Protect 8.1, une solution capable de restorer les diverses charges de travail sur un serveur physique ou virtuel, après un crash. Son grand avantage est qu'il est 50 % plus rapide que la version précédente selon la firme.

Sorties Blu-ray U.S. du 25 septembre... ()

16 nouveautés, le 25 septembre 2008. The Way to Paradise Stories From the Vaults : Season One America?s Greatest Monuments : Washington D.C. My Blueberry Nights The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration Giftset Sex and the City - The Movie L.A. Confidential Madagascar Leatherheads Shrek the Third Deception Blow Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo Run, Fat Boy, Run Ronin Animalia : Welcome to the Kingdom

Véhicules VHC : Porsche 911 ShortWheelBase 1965... ()

Porsche 911 ShortWheelBase, 1965, was completely rebuilt to the highest standards in 1996 until 1998 for 200000,-Eur through the worldwide accepted Restorer Raceline- Mr.Feuster. Since that the car was driven 13500km, but still absolut no damages and like new. The restoration is documented with Fotos. The 911 has two fuelpumps and power almost double than registered. It is the born winner for the next classic race. The car has Swiss and EU documents.

Ensemble of St Anne ()

St Anne's Church (Šv. Onos bažnyčia) is a gothic style church of Vilnius Old Town, constructed from 33 different kinds of clay bricks. St Francis and St Bernardine Church were built at XV/XVI for city's defensive, which is why it has guard towers with archer' holes. Rebuilt in XVI/XVII with aspects of Renaissance and Baroque style. Currently the Ensemble of this 3 church is undergoing restoration and archaeological investigations.

Dinh Bo Linh statue ()

Dinh Bo Linh statue at Suoi Tien Park, Ho Chi Minh City - Đinh Bộ Lĩnh (Hán tự: 丁部領; 923–979; r. 968-979), originally named Đinh Hoàn (丁環), was the emperor and founder of the Đinh Dynasty, the second Vietnamese dynasty. Đinh Bộ Lĩnh was born in 923 in Hoa Lư (south of the Red River Delta, in what is today Ninh Binh Province). He was the founder of the Đinh Dynasty and a significant figure in the restoration of Vietnamese independence in the tenth century.

Beached forever ()

John has posted a doc:The ship is under ongoing restoration, and is a museum too.

T-rays used to reveal old hidden art ()

U.S. engineers are collaborating with the Center for Research and Restoration at The Louvre Museum in France to use a terahertz device to find murals hidden behind plaster or paint for centuries. T-rays, or pulses of terahertz radiation, can 'illuminate penciled sketches under paintings on canvas without harming the artwork,' something which is not be possible with X-ray imaging technology. These researchers will have to work for many years. After all, there are 100,000 churches in France alone to investigate. And they all can contain art treasures. But read more...

Paphos Castle ()

Paphos Castle (Κάστρο της Πάφου) in Paphos, Cyprus.One of the two Frankish towers remained in ruins since the end of the 15th century A.D., when it was destroyed by an earthquake. Just before the Ottoman conquest of 1570, the Venetians destroyed what was left of the two towers with the use of explosives, in accordance with their decision to base the defense of the island on three towns of Famagusta, Lefkosia and Kyrenia. What survives today is the Ottoman restoration of the western Frankish tower, its Venetian additions and the remains of the second tower at a distance of 50m, to the east.

Véhicules VHC : 1960 Kieft Formula Junior... ()

Historique Formula Junior, restoration entiere (chassis/mechaniques/interieur/carrosserie/etc). Moteur Ford 997cc all-steel Richardson/Cosworth,boite VW,carrosserie aluminium. Papiers HVIF et FIA HTP,plusiers courses en Europe pendant les dernieres 5 annees, eligible Monaco Historique/Goodwood/Pau/Porto/Spa /etc. Moteur refait, nil-km depuis. Pret à courrir. Voiture en sud-Angleterre. Proprietaire depuis 1989, histoire depuis 1960.

Death and Restoration... ()

Dans la torpeur romaine, Jonathan Argyll, ayant temporairement abandonné ses activités de négociant d’art, s’amuse à donner quelques cours dans une école privée et y prend goût. Ce qui le dérange un peu plus, c’est que sa chère et tendre future épouse, Flavia di Stefano soit rarement à la maison pour une soirée avec son futur mari. Pendant ce temps, Taddeo Bottando, chef de la Brigade des Vols d’œuvres d’art et accessoirement de Flavia, espère terminer sa carrière pépèrement installé dans (...)

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