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The owner of the ".nu"

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AIR FRANCE - KLM: KLM becomes full owner of Martinair... ()

KLM BECOMES FULL OWNER OF MARTINAIRWith effect of 31 December 2008, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will have full ownership of Martinair. KLM and the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group have agreed on the sale of...

Owner buy out pour Troc de l'ïle ()

Première chaîne européenne de dépôt vente mais également acteur du commerce électronique CtoC avec, Troc de l'île a annoncé la semaine dernière le lancement d'un "owner buy-out" (OBO). Au terme [...]

Traduction de "As the beneficiary and owner of funds, you are therefore, advise to send all..."... ()

Traduction anglais-français de : As the beneficiary and owner of funds, you are therefore, advise to send all requirements including the fee to this office without delay. This will enable our legal team to proceed for the certification and get approval with your payment receipt.

Véhicules VHC : Lotus Elan S3 FHC Racing... ()

This S3 was sold new on the 1st of August 1968. It was competition prepared in 1998 for its owner who used it mainly in hill-climbs and sprint-races, together with Paul Matty who also took care of race-preparation and servicing. In 2003 and in 2005 the owner won the English Hillclimb & Sprint Championship in this car. The present owner also used the car mainly in national hill-climb and sprint-races. Maintenance of the car was mainly done in the UK and a 2006 Gerald Dale Motorsport Dyno-sheet for the engine showed a very healthy 187 BHP. The car has a new FIA HTP since December 2007 and it is placed in Period G1 and Class GTS15. Recently completely overhauled in early 2008 by English Lotus specialist and racing-driver Richard Ward and since then the engine has only done 15 laps. With the car will come an extra differential for long-distance events, a extra standard gearbox and 4 extra wheels.

dog protestin ()

Nada has posted a doc:Last weekend I went for a walk near the beach and saw this dog with this sign walking with his owner.. ask them what they are doing they said that in this area they did not like the dogs to go for a walk.. the owner pull the sigh out and gave it to the dog to demonstrate, I keel my self laughing after that..

Traduction de "The accountant keeps all of the business transactions of a sole proprietorship..."... ()

Traduction anglais-français de : The accountant keeps all of the business transactions of a sole proprietorship separate from the business owner's personal transactions. For legal purposes, a sole proprietorship and its owner are considered to be one entity, but for accounting purposes they are considered to be two separate entitie

Voitures de Rallye : Audi Quattro Sport for sale... ()

Very original and correct version. Only 2 owners and 36.500 Kms since new. Well maintained and accident free. Excellent condition. Available from private EEC owner.

[INCLASSABLE] voila je suis tombé sur ça hier !... ()

En surfant sur le web hier soir je suis tombé sur une page présentant une compétition du 22 juin dernier.Vous me direz, c'est bon ils ont pété un cable chez UWL... c'est quoi cette photo de chien. En cette période de competition à tout va... un petit break ne peut pas faire de mal, si si ! vous allez voir, vous ne regarderez plus jamais Kelly Slater, Andy Irons ou Joel Parkinson de la même façon.La suite dans le billet (image et vidéo) Ahhh on est quand même sur un blog de surf.... j'essaie toujours de vous trouver un rapport plus ou moins lointain avec le glisse vague debout. Quelques images en plus....Pour info, ça se passe à San Diego et il y avait en 1500 et 2000 personnes dans le public.Le gagnant !Je ne pouvais finir sans vous donner le classement :Competition Results:Category One: Small surf dogs 40 pounds and under1st Place: Buddy, a Jack Russell Terrier. Owner is Bruce Hooker.2nd Place: Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie. Owner is Michael Uy.3rd Place: Kia, a Russell Terrier. Owner is Rene Bruce.Category Two: Large surf dogs 41 pounds and over1st Place: Kalani, a Golden Retriever. Owner is Andra Lew.2nd Place: Stanley, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Owner is Craig Haverstick.3rd Place: Louie, a Labrador. Owner is Karl Eberhardt. Alors pour ceux qui en veulent plus :

Voitures de Rallye : Ultimate GP4 Prepfab Ford Escort 0 Miles... ()

Ultimate Spec Prepfab built GP4 Ford Escort build finished March 09 and only driven off the trailer when delivered. 300++ BHP Duratec 2.4 , 6 speed sequencial Elite , WRC uprights , Max spec axle , simply every component on the car is the ultimate and brand new. For sale by owner, can also be bought from prepfab , and easily converted to LHD. For Techinical questions contact Richard Lepley at prepfab motorsport. ( & +447831678078 . For other questions contact owner. Car is in Spain near Madrid. Included mint condition Brian James Rs3 trailer and 12 brand new speedline rims & tyres. Spares are starter motor and brake pads only. Brand new 100,000 Car plus trailer priced for quick sale. Will P/EX Rage buggy and nothing else. Sadly for sale due to accident in other car and giving up motorsport being preferable to divorce. No silly offers please. Detailed pictures of car on website. ** STOP PRESS ** ALSO INCLUDES 2 brand new sparco carbon helmets with carbon HANS and bags. (Not Crashed and used one ) + over a 1000L of Race Fuel

INFO... ()

I'm really pleased to announce that I'm the happy owner of a new account at media temple to host : the site will be down for several hours, for the migration. I've also registered wich will be the official site for my little company.

Sevlievo Plaza ()

Sevlievo Plaza - the only Bulgarian hotel, owner of ecohotel sign and certificate - Sevlievo, north-central Bulgaria

BAS purchases LSE ()

Netherlands : Bas Group, holding of BAS Distributie, has purchased Nashua distributor Logistic Support Europe and will integrate it into its own structures in the coming months. Bram van de Leur, former owner of LSE, will become supply desk manager for BAS Group (source : ChannelWorld Nederland)....

Three great articles about Mozilla... ()

Mozilla is not an easy thing to understand for people outside of the project: on one side, It's led by the Mozilla Foundation but competes with commercial vendors. It's Open Source, but very successful in the consumer space. There is a Mozilla Corporation, and thousands of volunteers. In a word, Mozilla is different. I've recently found 3 great interviews from Asa Dotzler, Mitchell Baker and Mike Shaver. Together, they won't precisely define what Mozilla actually is, but they may help. Here are a few excerpts: Asa Dotzler about decision making: Mozilla has from the very beginning had a very simple structure of modules. There's a cookie module, a JavaScript module, a toolbar module and so on. Each module has an owner, and that owner is the steward of that hunk of code. That owner has surrounded himself with a group of people we call peers. These are the people who have direct access to make changes to the code and who can assist the owner in getting the community involved. That's the decision-making group for that module. (...) Whenever there's a proposed change, those owners and peers go out and solicit comments and feedback from the community - this is all public, with everything on a wiki that anyone can comment on -- and use that feedback to hone or define their goals. But this is not design by democracy. We've never been a democracy at Mozilla. We're a meritocratic hierarchy. You don't get a voice by being a human, you get a voice by establishing a reputation for doin...

Pimp your fashion ride 2009... ()

You are owner of 3 cars. Go to your garage and pimp your ride with fashion accessories and tools. Use the mouse to select and drag items.

Quinta da Regaleira ()

Quinta da Regaleira, also known as 'Palace of Monteiro the Millionaire', from the nickname of its first owner, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, near the historic center of Sintra, Portugal

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