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Invention of a technology enabling registration of similar identifiers across multiple naming systems

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Du naming en France (1/2) ()

Contrat de naming entre le stade rennais et Fortuneo En signant un contrat de Naming (key-naming.html) avec le groupe Crédit Mutuel...

Lasers to guide your car?... ()

Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a laser-based system to improve the performance of car collision warning systems. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) also worked on this project. And the automotive industry will be able to use this technology to 'accelerate the development and commercialization of safety systems that alert drivers to multiple, and sometimes virtually simultaneous potential crash hazards -- both from forward or side collisions as well as from running off the road.' Even if such warning systems could avoid car accidents and save lives, how much such a system will cost' So far, the answer is unknown. But read more...

Le naming de club... ()

A la fois source de financement pour la construction de nouvelles enceintes et technique marketing, le naming (key-naming.html) de stade...

Software to double your cell phone memory... ()

Compression algorithms are not really new, so I've looked cautiously at the work of U.S. computer scientists claiming that 'they have developed technology that doubles the usable memory on cell phones and other embedded systems without any changes to hardware or applications.' The CRAMES (Compressed RAM for Embedded Systems) technology uses the Linux kernel's swapping mechanism to determine which pages should be compressed. According to the researchers, cell phones equipped with this technology don't use more power than regular ones and show a very small performance loss. The first phone to use the CRAMES technology is sold by NEC -- but only in Japan right now.

Military robots from 2007 to 2032... ()

A new report from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) looks at the future of military's unmanned systems over the next 25 years. This 188-page report covers air-, land- and sea-based unmanned technology from 2007 to 2032. The long document notes that drone aircraft and ground-based robots have already proved they could be useful in Iraq and Afghanistan by saving soldiers lives. The report also integrates contributions of combat commanders pointing out at possible improvements to today's systems, such as 'better sensor technology for use on unmanned systems to identify underwater mines and land-based improvised explosive devices.' This report also looks at how developments in artificial intelligence and robotics might lead to 'autonomous, 'thinking' unmanned systems that could, for example, be used in aerial platforms to suppress enemy air defenses.'

Offre d'emploi... ()

Framestore, grand studio européen de post-production spécialisé dans les Effets Visuels de longs métrages et spots publicitaires, recherche de toute urgence un Ingénieur Système maîtrisant parfaitement les Mac G5, Stations Avid et Stations de travail sous Linux. 2 ans d'expérience minimum dans le milieu de la post-prod et anglais courant indispensable. Envoyez vos CV à Title Systems Engineer Responsibilities Installation, setup and support of the following : Macintosh desktops, servers and raid systems Shake on Macintosh and Linux Final cut pro Avid NLE Systems on Macintosh and Windows Avid Lanshare Miscellaneous post production software, tracking, paint + roto etc. Qualifications required. Relevant qualification in media technology or computer science. 2 years+ experience of working in post production or similar industry. Demonstrable problem solving abilities and self motivation. Salary range £20,000 to £30,000 per annum depending on previous experience

cderostand - cecile de rostand de vente () ( En fait il s'agit d'une personne virtuelle qui a vocation à tisser un lien familier avec l'internaute. ( mise à fond sur ce concept puisque c'est votre...

100 gigabits per second over copper? ()

According to Penn State engineers, transmission rates of 100 gigabits per second are possible today over copper. But only on distances of less than 100 meters. And only with high-end Category 7 copper cables. These Ethernet cables are made up of four pairs of twisted wires shielded to reduce crosstalk. The Penn State technology could provide an alternative to glass fiber optics cables in computer datacenters where distances between systems are not too big. In other words, it would be possible to interconnect servers inside a building at speeds similar to the ones provided by more expensive fiber optic cabling.

A new music recommendation system from Sun... ()

A music store like Apple iTunes contains more than 5 million songs today. And there are plenty of similar music stores online. With people posting online their own creations or excerpts of the concerts they attend, it's possible that a million new songs appear every day in a near future on the web. So how will you find new music you like? Right now, two approaches are prevalent: Amazon and other sites use collaborative filtering while Pandora and others use content matching. Both approaches are time-consuming, using both humans and computers. Now, according to Network World, Sun Microsystems is about to release an open source music recommendation technology far superior to current systems and totally automated. Read more...

Ad Lead mise sur le développement de la co-registration... ()

L'agence française de marketing en ligne s'est lancée il y a un an sur le créneau de la co-registration, en associant des annonceurs aux newsletters des éditeurs. Elle vise 5 millions d'euros de revenus en 2007.

Le Mans inaugure le "naming" pour son prochain stade... ()

Le prochain stade de 25.000 places du Mans, qui sera livré en 2009, portera le nom de MMArena, ont annoncé lundi, la mairie et le président de l'assureur MMA, première société en France à bénéficier du naming pour le nom d'une enceinte sportive. DR

Tunisie: Eau potable - Une invention tunisienne se distingue au Koweït... ()

 Jamel Hanbli obtient la médaille d'or de la Foire internationale de l'invention du Moyen-Orient . Du 9 au 13 novembre s'est tenue au Koweït une foire internationale de l'invention. Il s'agit de la deuxième édition de «L'International Invention Fair of the Middle-East» : une manifestation qui a drainé des chercheurs-inventeurs de quelque 35 pays.

L'invention de la couche pour bébé... ()

 Sachant qu'un bébé utilise en moyenne 2000 couches par an, faites le calcul... Il faut dire que l'invention de la couche jetable est bien pratique. Mais au fait, qui a donc eu cette idée de génie ?L'invention de la couche pour bébé

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