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D-Blocks 2

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D-Blocks 2 ()

D-Blocks comme Direction Blocks . Les flèches disposées sur les blocs de ce puzzle game sont le principal mécanisme de gameplay, elles et leur alignement. Pour parvenir à se débarasser de tous les blocs fléchés dans le nombre de clics ...Lire la suite | commentaire

Speed... ()

Speed is a fast paced puzzle game in which you must move blocks quickly and precisely in order to solve the level before you crash into it. Quickly move blocks out of the way before you crash into them. Don't die. Blue blocks move normally, Pink blocks don't move, Green blocks move in pairs, and Arrow blocks only move the direction they are pointing.

Brilliant Blocks ()

Think quick and drop the blocks to match either numbers or colors in this fun puzzle game with an interesting twist. Use the mouse to drop blocks. Clear blocks by matching lines of 3 or more numbers or colors either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Clear the blocks until they are under the white line to receive more blocks, more time and higher scores.

Rainbow Block ()

Destroy the blocks before they hit the top of the screen! To destroy blocks, you have to drop your block to destroy them. Only the blocks that match your block will be destroyed. If the blocks are different, then the blocks will be swapped. Speed level will increase when you have added enough lines of blocks. Higher speed level means faster blocks' generation speed. If your block can't destroy any blocks, try to find blocks that appear on the top of 2 or more columns. Then use them to destroy blocks. You can get more points if you destroy more than 1 block at the same time.

Squareball ()

A puzzle game where you have to find your way to the exit. this would normally be easy, but this game has a twist. the road you have to travel is being blocked by blocks, these blocks you cannot pass. but luckily you have a power that can make one of the blocks passable at a time. Use your mind and your power wisely and you can find your way through the 35 levels.


Help cheer up the sad blocks in this frustratingly simple puzzler. The blocks can either be red or white. Your job is to turn all the blocks red. When you click a block, it, and the four adjoining blocks will change colour. After every four clicks, the squares will evolve based on the surrounding blocks. Turn all the blocks red using as few clicks as possible!

Honey Switch ()

Swap two adjacent blocks each time to remove horizontal or vertical combinations of three or more blocks. Get ready for the buzz! Repeatedly use the cursor to switch two blocks horizontally. Remove the blocks by vertically or horizontally aligning three or more matching blocks. Compare your performance to the other online opponents which are playing in the same time as you (multiplayer game).

Smiley Blocks Unstacker ()

Puzzle block game. Survive and don't let the blocks fill up the screen. Instructions in game.

Xtreme Space Ball... ()

Got Skillz? Then Xtreme Space Ball is the game for you! Play through our action packed levels and try to uncover the secret level which no one can beat! has done it this time! Use the arrow keys to move. Rev blocks reverse your controls and arrow blocks push you in that direction! Yellow blocks freeze your controls and blue blocks fade away over time. Finally, Red spiral blocks push you in the direction you move!

Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery... ()

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery is a puzzle party. Clear all the blocks from the screen to solve a puzzle. Click on groups of 3 or more blocks of the same color to clear them from the screen. Battle against the colorful blocks! Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery is a puzzle party! Are you a puzzle genius' Can you remove all the blocks using a minimum number of moves'

Bug Box ()

Based on a classic Japanese wooden blocks game - see if you can get the butterfly to the exit by sliding the other blocks around it. Yes, every level is possible! Click the blocks to slide them. If direction-choice arrows appear, click the arrow to choose. Get the butterfly block to the exit.

Silkroad Mahjong ()

Silkroad Mahjong is a puzzle game based on a classic chinese game. The goal is to remove all blocks from the board. You can remove only paired free blocks. The block is free when there are no blocks either to the left or the right and above it. The goal is to remove all blocks from the board. You can remove only paired free blocks. The block is free when there are no blocks either to the left or the right and above it.

Driller ()

How deep can you drill' Drill down through the blocks while trying to avoid running out of air or getting crushed. This Mr. Driller clone, created in Flash is a decent version of the original game by Namco. The object of the game is to drill your way down to the bottom level as far as you can without running out of oxygen or being crushed by falling blocks. The level of difficulty determines how many rows of blocks you have to drill down through. The blocks of the same color bind together, you get more points for clearing out large groups of blocks of the same color. Brown blocks can be destroyed by drilling at least four times and while doing so can steal some oxygen from you! Air capsules are randomly spaced throughout to provide replenishing your supply. Controls: Use the arrow keys to control the driller. Press Space Bar to drill.

Terror Tiles ()

Destroy all the blocks by clicking on blocks connected to blocks of the same type. Click on blocks connected to blocks of the same type.

Shatter ()

Shatter is a falling-blocks style puzzle game with RPG elements - you can earn abilities that help you clear more blocks and do other neat things.

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