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Strasbourg / Samedi 5 juillet, au gymnase du lycée Louis-Pasteur : Battle of game, 3e édition

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Astroflash ()

Inspired by the classic arcade game Astrosmash - 2DPlay brings you ''Astroflash''. In this game, Battle your enemies while picking up power ups. Hurry up to playing this fantastic game. You can play this game with use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move your spaceship. Pick up different glowing power-ups on the way. Enjoy this interesting game. Good luck.

Battle Over Berlin... ()

Battle your way in the skies of Berlin for aerial supremacy... How good are you at dogfighting? The objective of the game is to down as many enemy fighters as you can.. Try to get the powerups by flying low when they are available. Use 2 kinds of weapons at your disposal. Strategy to this game is to avoid fire and stay behind your enemy so you can down him faster. Try not to crash while doing aerial maneuvers...

Battle Ship... ()

Old classic game made in Flash. Sink the computer before it sinks you. Blow up all the battle ships

Dino Evolution... ()

D-Evo Battle Card Play this 33 levels strategic battle card game in 3 area zone each 10 levels + 1 final boss with total of 6 card decks to choose (3 can be unlocked) and get total of 3 super rare card after completing each area zone Beat the level and Unlocked them all! [AUTO SAVE SYSTEM] Ready to Evolve your dino card!? Beat all area zone and be the D-Evo Master Deck! The instructions of card game rules is in game section Please the manual instruction in game before playing

Desert Battle ()

Destroy your enemy by using bombs and missiles in this cool chopper flash game. The most exciting helicopter combat action game ever that makes you fly and fight over desert! The aim of the game is simple destroy the enemy by using bombs and missiles. But beware, they tend to shoot back at you and you won't get a chance. Use your helipad to refuel and reload the missiles. So,get your fair share of adrenaline with Desert Battle! Controls: Use your arrow keys to navigate the helicopter. Z Key: Release bombs X Key: Launch missiles

Ultimate Crab Battle... ()

Let this be our final battle! The most epic flash shooting game around. Rockets, lasers, and of course a giant crab. Use the cursor keys to move around the screen, and press A to fire. All to destroy the Crab boss, and his many reinforcements.

Ricky Bobby's Fast Track... ()

Drive as the infamous Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, the racing flash game! Race your way to first place as you battle it out against other NASCAR racers. See if you have what it takes to be a champion in this great racing game! This is a pretty cool racing game.

[Game Cube] Sonic Adventure 2 Battle... ()

*Titre complet : Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Dates de sorties : - Japon : 20 Décembre 2001 - USA : 11 Mars 2002 - Europe : 3 Mai 2002 Genre :...

Test Cossacks 2 : Battle For Europe... ()

GSC Game World remet le couvert ! Après le très bon Cossacks 2 : Napoleonic Wars, les développeurs ukrainiens nous gratifient d'un stand alone nommé Battle for Europe. Dans ce dernier, qui ne nécessite pas le jeu original pour fonctionner, l'accent a(...)

PR - Megaman BN 5 ()

MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK 5 arrive sur GAME BOY ADVANCE Megaman Battle Network 5 : Team colonel et Megaman Battle Network : Team protoman ...

Colosseum Battle Beta Release... ()

Colosseum Battle Beta Release is a game semi Rpg in development. You can move character in Colosseum and Fight against the opponent, if in fist time it's are so strong you can exit from Colosseum and gaign xp point and lvl for fight opponent more easy. Nice implementation in future! Update Version at 4.1 - Now you can save game in local whit cookie and load you local save for not restart all progress. - Add mana for restore your HP during combat in colosseum - Now max level setting is 20 - Add one more lvl stage in colosseum for an total of 6

Bloody Rage ()

Pick your street fighter and engage in the deadly combat of blood and revenge in this devilish flash game. Pick your street fighter and engage in the deadly combat of blood and revenge in this devilish flash game. The game is created by FlashGame Studios which holds an outstanding original 2-D flash-style graphics. The cast of tough guys and movie characters that made this game a hit are here in their lightning-fast action. You can play the challenging Tournament mode or even construct your own characters in the construct mode. So play on and pick your fighter like Ken, Spiderman, Goku Yoda, Jason, Freddy, Lara Croft, Superman etc and battle it out with others in this flash fighting game. Controls: Kick K Key - Jump Kick Up arrow and K Key - Roundhouse Left arrow and K Key - Punch L Key - Jump Punch Up arrow and L Key - UpperCut Down arrow and L Key

Gravity Wars... ()

Gravity Wars is a turn based Puzzle/Combat game where you must use the force of gravity to bend your missiles toward your target. There are 50 levels in Puzzle mode to attempt, or jump into Battle mode and generate Random maps to play against your friends in hotseat mode, or against the Computer. After selecting your game mode using either button on the main game screen you can use the mouse to aim your shot and click to fire. The line from your ship to the mouse position determines the speed and angle of your shot. In Battle Mode, players take turns to hit the other ship with a missile. In Puzzle mode, the player must fire the missile into the black hole. There are 3 planet types that have different masses and affect your missile with different strengths. Use the planets to your advantage to curve missiles around them.

Tactic Core... ()

Prepare your men to move around the battle field, fire with bows, magic or use swords to win in this board game. This game is a powerful strategy RPG development module using Flash MX. Enter the world of fantasy and legends. This game calls upon your skill and courage to rally a heroic force and destroy the enemy in battle. Wage strategic warfare with a team of specialized warriors and mystical creatures at your command. Manipulate your army from a wide range of fighters or mages, and unleash the fury of beasts to dominate the battle arena. In this flash game you'll find it all: ambiance, adventure, strategy, intuitiveness, simplicity and more!!! Nothing is missed, I Guess. Controls: Tactics Core supports four basic commands: Attack - Deal physical or magical damage to a target or target area. Healer units use Heal to restore HP instead. Move - Walk to an empty space. Friendly units on the path will move aside. Move can be undone as long as Attack is not used after it. Wait - End the current unit's turn. If no actions were taken, this unit only waits half the time for its next turn. Status - Display unit information. Use this to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a unit.

Quoi de neuf en jeux vidéo ce lundi ?... ()

Vidéo(s) du jour : Démo(s) du jour : Battle Rage (Destan Entertainment)Première vidéo en haute résolution (AVI, 1280x960, 41 secondes) pour Battle Rage sur PC. Nitro Stunt Racing (Game Seed)Le [...]

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