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Blog local : résister aux pressions ? Un exemple américain

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Blog local : résister aux pressions ? Un exemple américain... ()

Foothill Cities, blog anonyme qui promeut une gouvernance locale responsable et signale la corruption et le gâchis (Promoting responsible, limited local government and exposing corruption and government waste ) dans plusieurs communes de la région de Los Angeles, a...

Government to introduce anti-corruption package... ()

Hungary – Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai announced on Sunday that the government would soon submit a package of anti-corruption bills to parliament aimed at encouraging increased reporting of illicit activity and instituting stricter penalties for those found guilty of corruption. The prime minister said the government’s anti-corruption bills would come into effect on January 1, 2010. Bajnai [...]

UK Looks to Local Councils for Smart and Innovative Public Procurement... ()

Communities secretary John Denham has urged councils to join together to bulk buy goods and services in a bid to slash local government's £42bn bill for external contracts. A top level local government delegation met ministers, business leaders and senior academics to discuss his plans for more innovative procurement. Local Government Association vice chairman Sir Jeremy Beecham [...]

Government's ?draconian? new anti-corruption bill to include rewards for whistleblowers... ()

Hungary’s minority Socialist government has unveiled a draconian anti-corruption bill which takes a leaf out of the U.S. book and offers a reward to anyone who tips the authorities off about any dodgy deals, Nepszabadsag daily said on Tuesday. Government commissioner Ferenc Kondorosi told the paper that several billions of forints is saved when graft is [...]

Hungary : Public projects follow Italian model... ()

Minister for Local Government and Regional Development Gordon Bajnai said that the government intends to modify the laws governing public procurement to speed up the implementation of major projects. The government also wants to lengthen its list of high priority programmes in a move aimed at stimulating the construction sector and market demand. Another 32 projects [...]

Le blog officiel d'un ministre en exercice... ()

C'est une première en Grande-Bretagne : comme il l'avait annoncé David Miliband, 41 ans, actuel ministre de Tony Blair, où il tient le poste de Communities and Local Government Minister depuis mai 2005, a ouvert son blog sur le site...

E-Learning : ?Keys To Successful Government Contracting?... ()

Keys To Successful Government Contracting Seminar Helpful for Local Small Businesses – Nearly 100 people attended Keys To Successful Government Contracting seminar held in the Chamber?s Market House Ballroom. Panelists shared insight about business partnerships, joint venturing and mentor protégée relationships at the event sponsored by Claiborne Hauling Contractors, LLC. Insights into how to partner with [...]

BAE faces corruption charges... ()

U.K. authorities said they are pursuing corruption charges against BAE Systems PLC in a long-running saga over alleged bribes paid in Eastern Europe and Africa, escalating the stakes in a key test of the government’s stepped-up efforts to get tough on corporate crime. The move by the U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office, which investigates complex crimes, comes [...]

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