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B2G - Business to Government


Le B2G (Business to Government) définit les activités commerciales entre entreprises privées et gouvernementales.

Dans l'e-économie, le B2G concerne les sites Internet développant une activité commerciale entre une ou des entreprises privées et une ou des organisations gouvernementales.

Le B2G est une variante du B2B.

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  • Apprentices may help firms win government work
    Office of Government Commerce has advised spending departments on how to include apprenticeship requirements in contracts without breaking EU law Building firms that take on apprentices may be favoured for public sector work this year, according to guidance issued by the Office of Government Commerce on Friday. In an attempt to raise the number of construction apprentices [...]
  • New public procurement innovation advice from Office of Government Commerce
    The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has launched a new pamphlet to provide guidance to those working in government on how they can utilise its £175bn of purchasing power to drive both buyer and supplier innovation in the procurement process. The new pamphlet, “Driving innovation through public procurement“, challenges departments to look at innovation as a [...]
  • Most stimulus spending won?t hit market until 2010, begin planning now
    Onvia, the U.S. leader in business-to-government solutions, announces the launch of the newly enhanced Onvia Online Database©. The new platform enables businesses to position themselves to win more government contracts with business intelligence, analytics, and market forecasting in an era where public sector spending is reaching new highs. The Onvia Online Database© seamlessly integrates into a [...]
  • UK Looks to Local Councils for Smart and Innovative Public Procurement
    Communities secretary John Denham has urged councils to join together to bulk buy goods and services in a bid to slash local government's £42bn bill for external contracts. A top level local government delegation met ministers, business leaders and senior academics to discuss his plans for more innovative procurement. Local Government Association vice chairman Sir Jeremy Beecham [...]
  • Industry slams Government silence over procurement contracts
    Industry figures have slammed the Office of Government Commerce?s continued endorsement of only one type of construction contract for public procurement. Trade bodies described the existing system as ?uncompetitive and wholly inappropriate?. Since a review of all construction contracts in 2005, the government department has encouraged the use of NEC contracts in public projects. A report produced earlier [...]
  • Government advises authorities on when EU public procurement rules apply
    The Government has published a guide it hopes will clarify when land deals are subject to EU public procurement rules and when they are not. The guidance relates to agreements between authorities and land developers. The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has produced the guidance to help authorities and companies in what is says is a [...]
  • E-Learning : ?Keys To Successful Government Contracting?
    Keys To Successful Government Contracting Seminar Helpful for Local Small Businesses – Nearly 100 people attended Keys To Successful Government Contracting seminar held in the Chamber?s Market House Ballroom. Panelists shared insight about business partnerships, joint venturing and mentor protégée relationships at the event sponsored by Claiborne Hauling Contractors, LLC. Insights into how to partner with [...]
  • Public procurement to encourage apprenticeships
    The UK government will use its purchasing power to help create 20,000 apprenticeships over the next three years. Business minister Pat McFadden, chairman of Labour’s National Policy Forum, made the pledge in a speech at the Labour party conference this week. He said the government was committed to providing opportunities for young people by encouraging businesses to [...]
  • Barack Obama : ?Bringing Together Public Access and E-Government'
    Post by Branden Row on the official blog of Barack Obama - Recently I read a white paper titled Processed-Centered Government: The Road to 2010 provided by Metastorm business process management software company. As I read the paper I saw five small yet excellent case studies and I was able to take some great ideas [...]
  • Public procurement to push change
    Kevin Brennan, minister for the new department for Business Innovation & Skills has reiterated Government determination to use public procurement to change industry practices. Mr Brennan spoke at the All Party Building Services Engineering Group, held in the House of Commons yesterday in one of his first engagements in the role. The Government has created the Department [...]

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