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Notre équipe éditoriale analyse tous les jours l'actualité pour dégager les tendances dans certains dossiers. Voici ce qui revient souvent en ce moment (les plus fréquents étant écrits en plus gros) :

PQI Card Drive

 Dans l'actualité

  • PQI Card Drive U510
    PQI vient de présenter ses nouveaux disques durs externes, les Card Drive U510, qui sont vraisemblablement basés sur des disques durs SSD et qui vous proposent une capacité de 16Go ou 32Go, une interf[...]
  • Télécharger HDDlife Pro [v3.0.140]
    Worried about a hard drive failure? Get HDDlife - a real-time hard drive monitoring utility with alerts, malfunction protection and data loss prevention features. This hard drive inspector is an advan[...]
  • PMP XS Drive Centre 6900
    La marque XS Drive a annoncé la disponibilité de son PMP XS Drive Centre 6900. Celui-ci embarque un écran 16.7M couleurs 4:3 de 3.5 (320x240 px), un DD de 40Go, 60Go, 80Go, 120Go ou 160Go, un...[...]
  • Trailer vidéo de Sex Drive avec Josh Zuckerman
    Découvrez le trailer de “Sex Drive” avec Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, James Marsden. Sex drive se centre sur l’histoire d’un adolescent malheureux en amour qui va faire une re[...]
  • PS2 : [Communiqué] Une compétition pour Test Drive Unlimited
    Pour fêter la sortie de Test Drive Unlimited sur PC et Playstation 2, ATARI lance le Challenge Test Drive Unlimited. Inscrivez-vous aux qualifications pour un mois de chronos sauvages sur PC,...[...]
  • Test Drive Unlimited PC, pour le plaisir
    Six bons mois après sa sortie sur Xbox 360, Test Drive Unlimited déboule enfin sur PC dans une version marquant cette fois-ci pour de bon les vingt ans de la saga Test Drive, débutée en 1987 sur le mê[...]
  • SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive [del.icio.us]
    Virtual CloneDrive works and behaves just like a physical CD/DVD drive, however it exists only virtually. Image files generated with CloneDVD or CloneCD can be mounted onto a virtual drive from your hard-disk or from a network drive and used in the same manner as inserting them into a normal CD/DVD drive. Probably the best virtual drive software, Virtual CloneDrive allows you to enjoy the freedom of a virtual drive and is completely free.
  • Speed
    Try to get rid of all your cards before the computer does. Drag one card at a time from your hand at the bottom of the scren to one of the two discard piles in the middle of the screen. The value of the card you drag must be one greater or one less than the card you drop it on. The cards' suits do not matter. You hold five cards in your hand at a time. Once you get rid of a card you must click on your ''next card'' pile to the left of your hand. If the computer gets stuck, the ''flip it'' card will appear. Click it to put new cards on the two discard piles. Remember the name of the game is ''Speed'' so move quickly !
  • Pharaoh's Classic
    Click on a card which is one higher or one lower than the card on the pile, and remove all the cards in the pyramids as quickly as possible. You can also turn over a card from the pile. Clear the pyramids as fast as you can by removing the cards. You can remove a card when it is one higher or lower than the card on the pile.
  • Dino Evolution
    D-Evo Battle Card Play this 33 levels strategic battle card game in 3 area zone each 10 levels + 1 final boss with total of 6 card decks to choose (3 can be unlocked) and get total of 3 super rare card after completing each area zone Beat the level and Unlocked them all! [AUTO SAVE SYSTEM] Ready to Evolve your dino card!? Beat all area zone and be the D-Evo Master Deck! The instructions of card game rules is in game section Please the manual instruction in game before playing
  • Coy Card Unlimited
    In this sequel to Coy Card, you play by the same rules except there is no stopping in between levels. Plus, the game never ends, that is until you fall to having no cards that can be matched. Match alike adjacent cards in this sequel to Coy Card.
  • Freecell Solitaire (Facebook)
    Freecell is one of the most popular card games and it requires skill rather than luck. The aim of this game is to move all the cards to the foundation (the top right position). You will have 8 piles of opened tableau cards to begin with. The foundation piles must be built from cards of the same suit and in ascending order. You can move a card to a tableau pile only if the pile is empty or if the top card in the pile is one point larger and has the same color as the card you want to put. You can put one card to any of the four cells (the top left positions). The faster you finish this game, the higher the score.

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