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Notre équipe éditoriale analyse tous les jours l'actualité pour dégager les tendances dans certains dossiers. Voici ce qui revient souvent en ce moment (les plus fréquents étant écrits en plus gros) :

Time Drawer

 Dans l'actualité

  • Time Drawer 1.0
    Alternative à la restauration de Time Machine pour Tiger[...]
  • Symfony Development using Textmate
    When I do consulting, a lot of people are really surprised that I use Texmate, a popular text editor for OS X, to develop on Symfony projects. Indeed, Textmate is a bit rough around the edge compared to bloated full featured IDE like Eclipse PDT or Netbeans, which are both Java based by the way. So why using Textmate? No intelligent autocompletion, very basic project management, poor VCS native support, limited index search capabilities… First and while it’s mainly a matter of taste, I mainly use Texmate because it’s fast. Compared to PDT with which you often have to wait a bunch of seconds for the UI to respond on some action you make, mate will react quite instantaneously, and that is making big difference to me. Because when I’m concentrated, focused on some complex problem to solve, I demand my text editor to not make me wait [1]. Oppositely, not having full code introspection and autocompletion makes mate making me think about the code I write, instead of just consuming some API passively. I’ve been using phpeclipse and PDT for some years with Symfony, but I think I really began to understand the framework architecture when I switched to mate as my primary editor. Because every time you need to do something with the Symfony API, you have to open the file and read the code: then you learn a lot. And by the time, you end by knowing the core very well, and it’s incredibly efficient. One more time, this is just matter of taste. Textm...
  • Enchères de Pièces Rares en Juillet
    Aura lieu du 4 au 22 Juillet une grosse vente aux enchères de pièces de magie rares. La vente aura lieu sur Internet et livrera environ 500 lots ! Je vous livre le texte en anglais. Rare Magic Memorabilia Conjured Up for Auction Important Collection of magic sets to be offered in July event Long before DVD’s, video games, TV, records, movies or even radio, there was magic. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, names like Houdini, Raymond, Blackstone and Kellar packed theaters. They were the entertainment superstars of their time and idolized by children and adults throughout the world. Magic sets, meant mostly for children, materialized to help bring the fun and amazement home. And then, like magic, they disappeared. Until now. Random Treasures Auctions, a New Jersey based auction house is offering over 80 of these elusive magic sets in its upcoming auction. The Internet based auction will feature over 500 total lots. Bidding will begin on July 4 and conclude on July 22. Each one of the magic sets originates from the impressive magic set collection of Joel Miller (1937-2003), one of the best-known collectors in the field. According to Don Flanagan, president of Random Treasures Auctions, there are several reasons the magic sets represent an unprecedented offering. According to Flanagan, this is the largest assembly of magic sets ever offered. The sheer number of sets in the auction should not fool collectors. Recent major gatherings of magic ...

Formation : conférence + atelier référencement

Formation referencement
Formation au référencement par les spécialistes en référencement de Ranking Metrics : conférence le matin, atelier pratique l'après-midi.

Formation referencement